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A Parent’s Guide for Surviving Middle School

Are you ready for middle school? Nothing prepares you for middle school. Parents and teens struggle with the adjustment to a new school. Learn how to navigate a new school and new school year with academic coach and trained school counselor, Marni Pasch to look at key ways to navigate middle school.

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What are Good Reasons to Change your Class Schedule

Changing your school class schedule is one of the more difficult things you will experience. School counselors are often the gatekeepers of schedule changes. Is your child entitled to change their classes? Let’s look at the reasons you might be able to change your middle school or high school classes.

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What to Do if your Child is Chronically Absent at School

Will my child’s absences lead to jail time? This is a common fear amongst parents when they receive a letter from the school regarding truancy.

However, while the definition of truancy is absences without excuse, often there are many reasons students miss school.

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Building the Crucial C's in your Child - Connection, Capability, Courage and Count

Are your children confident and connected at school? How can parents and teachers create students who are confident at school and in their studies? We look at the Crucial C’s with play therapist Jennifer Wisser-Stokes. Learn tips that families can practice to build their teen and tween’s confidence at school and socially.

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Why Keeping Great Teachers Matters - What Teachers Really Want for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is approaching, and much like all Hallmark-fabricated events, this should be a year – or more than a year. So that’s why this episode is about the awesomeness of teachers. In this podcast, I share what I’ve learned with conversations with teachers this past year – because it’s not just a job, it’s a calling.

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What to do when your Child gets in Trouble at School

When students struggle with school it can lead to stress, low grades, and behavioral issues. What can parents do when they get the phone call from a teacher? 

Even an academic coach can get a phone call home! We discuss the conversations parents can have with their children if there are behavioral problems at school and how to handle consequences. 

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Do Kids Who Can Afford Tutors and Support Have an Unfair Advantage?

Do tutors and test prep centers provide an unfair advantage to students? What are the disadvantages of academic advantages? We look at the resources available in the school setting and how parents can make the best choice for helping their child receive extra academic support.

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