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Are you tired of your home being turned into an academic war-zone? Do you feel like school just doesn't get you? I help students, across the country, in grades 6th and higher survive school with less stress. Do you want to feel less overwhelmed, more confident and better prepared for what school throws your way?  Contact me for a FREE 50 minute "stay on point" strategy session. You will  walk away with a clear vision of what academic success looks like for YOU (and not your parents) and some helpful tips to get you there. 


What is an Academic Coach?

Just like a football coach, I help you plan strategies to make you stronger on the field. In this case, our field is the classroom. Together we work to find ways that help YOU make school  less stressful.

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My Services

Whether you are an independent learner, need of short term, half semester, full semester or full year support there is a package for everyone!

My Services



A Little About Me

As a former struggling student, I clearly remember the pain of not feeling like I "got" school. Thinking back, I think it was more that school didn't "get" me!

I received my masters in school counseling because I wanted to work with struggling students to help them find success at school on their own terms.......

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School Counselor Gone Rogue

Read along about my reflections on being a struggling student, study tricks, interviews, and more!


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" Marni takes up the nitty-gritty of academics, and the family is free to stress all the positive sides of my child's academic and non-academic life. "

— Parent of 9th grade student