What to do when your Child wants to be a YouTube Star

We want our kiddos to shoot for the stars, but what happens when their star is something that we can’t even imagine?  If they check out of school- how do we help them connect the dots and find purpose?    Let’s do this!    #parentingskill #studyskills #middleschool #highschool    Marni Pasch Academic Coach Team Pasch Academic Coach Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue www.teampasch.com

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So your child wants to be a youtube star - Episode 004

Every parent dreams of the day their child says, “I want to be a YouTube star” or “I want to be an Instagram model.” Right?

My own daughter made this statement just last week, which got me thinking…why are kids pursuing this dream and can school set them up for success? Why do parents, teachers and school counselors dismiss these career paths (and that of professional athletes, actors or musicians) and not more traditional choices?

Let’s explore shall we?

Why do we Need a Plan B?

Back in the day, school counselors were prepped to handle students who came in and said, “I don’t need school- I’m going to the NFL."
There were charts to show and stats to give about the likely hood of becoming a professional athlete.

"Everyone wants to be a star; you need a plan B."

Some counselors, myself included, took the route of having students explore other careers in the sports fields, like trainers or agents- just in case.

When a child says they want to be a doctor or lawyer, why does no one spit out the stats about med school dropouts or the overabundance of attorneys? What about the competition to get into these programs? Why are we not telling kids to have a plan B for medical school "just in case"?

Why do those career choices seem realistic,  but a YouTube star or Instagram influencer does not?

A recent debate in a Facebook group I belong to suggested you either dismiss the student's dream or you push other alternatives.
Maybe there is one more option; What if we helped them realize that lessons at school might get them further in ANY career they choose?

What should we do when our kiddos say, we don’t need school, we are going to be an actor, ball player, influencer or maker of pink dog food?

The key is not to question the career but the plan.

How to look at the Plan


Grab the Dream vs. Reality Worksheet!

Help your kiddo connect the dots between their dreams and school

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    I tell my students- your dreams are not my business, but I will make darn sure you aren’t the one that wakes up and finds out their manager hid all their money and now you are facing bankruptcy and tax evasion penalties.

    It's not my job to question the end goal, it's my job to help them figure out how they will get there successfully.

    First - Why has your kiddo checked out of school? Thirty hours a week of boredom does not sound fun, it sounds...boring.  What do they want to get out of their time at school, and where is school falling short?

    Dig deeper - don't worry about whether you can change it or not- just ask.

    After you have brainstormed the issues, chat about what at school might help them in their career choice.

    Have you seen the beef between athletes on TMZ who later become teammates? Group projects represent!

    What about the story lines that go into  YouTube shows, like this crazy YouTube hacker thread that my oldest daughter is obsessed with? Creative writing assignments in English!

    How do you write to sponsors for your surf competition? You need to tap into those persuasive writing skills!

    How do we get our kiddos more engaged with their school experience?  School Counselor Gone Rogue - So your Child wants to Become a Youtube star 004   #schoolcounselorgonerogue #parenting #middleschool #highschool #whatisyourdream  Marni Pasch Team Pasch Academic Coaching.

    Why be good when you could be Great?

    How do you stand out amongst all the other athletes, YouTubers and punk rock bands? You need to be the smartest person in the room.

     While they are making videos on YouTube, you could be creating the next huge platform.

    They may have more talent, but could find a niche market that most people overlook.

    They might be signed straight out high school, but you could start a new league like Big3.

    Why are you smarter? Because you took a situation you didn't like and you spun it to your advantage. Don't copy other people, do something greater.To do that you need a few extra tricks up your sleeves, and yes, a school can provide them- but you have to think outside the box.

    What is your challenge for this week? Sign up to access the brainstorming exercise to help you and your child pinpoint how school is going to get them to their career of choice. Whether it's a YouTube star or a doctor, you need to discover how school is going to get you closer to that goal.

    Otherwise, you are wasting 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for what? Don't let school happen to you....decide how you are going to work it!

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    Remember, we've got this!


    • Comparing traditional careers (doctors, lawyers) to modern careers (YouTube, Instagram influencers)

    • How to connect the dots between school and future goals.

    • Freebie- Brainstorm dream job Vs. school

    How are careers changing for our kiddos?   How should you handle it when your child or student says school doesn’t matter because they will be a professional athlete or actor?   Let’s chat!   #parenting #podcast  Marni Pasch Academic Coach Team Pasch Academic Coaching www.teampasch.com


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