How to Help Struggling Students

Why are struggling students falling through the cracks? What can we do as parents, educators and counselors to help save struggling students?  How do we help students with study strategies that motivate them to learn?    #studyskills #highschool #middleschool    Marni Pasch Academic Coach Team Pasch Academic Coach Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue

Struggling Students and Bees - Episode 001

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Hey hey everyone it is the FIRST episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue. I am super siked that you have chosen to tune in and hang out with me. If you are here, you are just as passionate as I am about reaching struggling students and helping them take over the world.

In today's podcast, we are discussing all things stakeholders, struggling students and ....bees? Wait what do bees have to do with this? Read on!

Who are the Stakeholders?


Stakeholders are the key players that make your child, student or client a success. As a trained school counselor- it was crucial to make sure that the stakeholders were brought into any game plan concerning student success.

Who are your kiddos stakeholders? Let's look at who is impacted by a child's success. It might be:

  • Parents

  • Friends

  • Teachers

  • School Counselors

  • Custodians

  • Deans

  • Administrators

  • Bus Drivers

  • The Community

  • Relatives

  • Coaches

The list goes on and on! When you dig in, you see that your child or student's awesome sauce impacts a heck of a lot of people. So what does this matter?



Why does the Struggling Student Matter?

Children who struggle at school have the ability to impact the lives of more people than we realize. Yet, when we think about students who flail at school, there is a certain amount of shame that occurs. As parents, we want our children to be successful. As teachers we want our bosses to praise us and view us as effective. As school counselors or therapists we want to make a difference. Yet, if a child struggles, we have to wonder if we are to blame. So we go radio silent. This podcast is going to have honest and forward conversations with parents, teachers, students, and administrators to look at all things struggling students.

What do Bees have to do with It?

Who among us has not had a nasty encounter with a bee? Bees sting, right? You mind your own business and zap! You yelp and no one knows why. But what would the world be like without bees? Bees are needed to pollinate, and without bees, our crops have a potential to die out. Our ecosystem would crash without bees.

So we have these amazing creatures that sting, but they also do amazing things in this world. What if, the bee was a metaphor for a struggling student? You may know a stinging student. They sting teachers with hurtful words to distract from their frustration. They sting parents with missing work and bad grades. They sting their counselors by shutting down the second the door closes.

They hurt just like the bee, but what if we don’t value the struggling student just as we don’t value the bee? If we allow the struggling student to wilt away, where will we find the innovators in this country? Where will the next Bill Gates, Michael Phelps or Sir Richard Branson come from? Just like scientists are working to save the bees, we need to help struggling students. That is why I chose the bee for my spirit animal.

Teachers have a lot on their plates between grading, testing and hitting standards. How can they reach all students, even those that struggle at school?   School Counselor Gone Rogue is a podcast that talks all things struggling students and education.  This episode looks at why protecting struggling students is paramount to keeping dreamers alive.   #podcast

These struggling students are the reason I trained to be a school counselor. I did the research on the career after I took a job assessment and said HOLY COW this is what I needed when I was flailing about like a floppy fish in school!

and these students are why I left the school system to start my own coaching business. Now I work individually with students, to help them reach their own academic goals and define their own vision of success. Together we help non-linear students survive a linear school system with awesomeness!


  1. Finding the stakeholders in your child's life

  2. Defining the struggling student

  3. Understanding the sting of the struggling student

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