What You Can Learn From a Study Skills Course

What study skills do middle school and high school students need? A better question is WHO should teach tweens and teenagers study skills! Read here to learn if you are the best match to help your child build their study skills.  Click here for this week’s episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue and easy tips to thrive in high school.   Marni Pasch -Academic Coach Team- Pasch Academic Coach  Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue   www.teampasch.com

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Why I had my daughter take a study skills course...and not mine! - Episode 051

Taking a study skills course is a really great way to develop your child’s studying habits so they are more efficient and organized. As an academic coach, I also happen to offer study skills classes for teens. However, schools offer a study skills course as well, and they can help teenagers transition smoothly into their new classes and subjects.

One of my daughters is actually starting middle school right now, so I understand your anxiety as a parent. And as an academic coach, I would definitely recommend a study skills course. But guess what?! My daughter didn’t want to take my course! Because even if you have years of training and experience, it will never be enough to thwart the universal law that your child will ever listen to you!

Over the summer, my daughter went to her school for a study skills class for teens, and I could see her develop a lot of new skills. I asked her if she regretted not taking my course. Her response was, “Mom, your students love you- but I think you are boring. I would rather spend time with someone else.”

Teaching Methods

Polishing your kid’s study skills can be something you can focus on at home and help your kid out. You need to be aware of your child’s strengths and weaknesses before you start teaching them. Being an academic coach who offers help with organization and study skills, I asked my daughter if she would like to be a part of my class, but she preferred to work with new people and develop her study skills. Don’t be taken aback if your kid wants to learn outside of the home as well and allow them to do so.

Sometimes when you are strong in a particular field and your kid is weak in that very area, then it works out very well. But other times, parents may get too frustrated and lose patience faster than usual. It is in these cases that you should allow your child to go to a study skills course outside of the home that will let them grow outside of your unintentionally critical eye.

I often hear parents and teachers say, “They learned these skills in school- they just didn’t listen.” My response is that I never listened to those lectures when I was a child either! If your child is set in their ways or rebellious, they may have viewed this information as yet another lecture and tuned it out. So before you pick a study skills course, make sure that the teacher really connects with your child and is someone who understands that all kids learn in a different way.

Why Are We in Need of Study Skills?

Study skills help teenagers in multiple ways! Kids shifting into middle school have a lot on their plate. They have more subjects to learn, different teachers to get habituated to and a whole new pattern where instead of teachers coming to them, they have to switch classes in under ten minutes.

Study skills class for teens help them build habits, build confidence, teach them how to tackle a situation, differentiate between the right and wrong ways of studying, increase productivity and efficiency and enhance their organizational skills as well.

In fact, if your kid is set with a study skills course, then the amount of time that they can save will also allow them to manage all of their work steadily without any stress. We all want a smooth and less stressful environment in school, and enhancing study skills can definitely help with that.

As parents, it’s our lot in life to never have our children listen to our advice. My own daughter would sooner take study advice from the Publix cashier than her mom with tons of training!    That’s ok! I don’t care who my daughters get help from as long as they have the support they need!    Listen to this week’s episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue where I share my daughter’s experience in a study skills course...not taught by me!    Click here for this week’s episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue and easy tips to thrive in middle school and high school.    Marni Pasch - Team Pasch Academic Coaching    Podcast - School Counselor Gone Rogue    www.teampasch.com

What You Can Do as Parents

The best way to improve their study skills at home is by reading certain books like, “Smart but Scattered.” This book series is something I would recommend to all parents. However, the real task is getting your kids interested enough to read it as well.

You can talk to your kids about the classes that they will be taking and go through the course material with them. Ask them what they think about the content and converse with them. If they don’t like something, then ask them what they would do to improve it and watch them build a system that works best for them.

But the important part is to have a really good relationship with your child. You need to keep patience and work things out together instead of losing your cool and flipping out on them. Make sure that they are comfortable around you.


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In Closing

I will never say that taking a study skills course is a bad thing. However, it makes a difference if your child is invested in the course! That is why I require an application process for my workshops. It ensures that the child is on board with the process and ready to take ownership of their work.

I provide virtual workshops for students across the country and I am currently taking applications!

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Looking for the study skills tips for your middle or high school student? We discuss the skills students need for thriving in school and who the best people are to help your child develop those skills!    Click here for this week’s episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue and easy tips to thrive in middle school and high school.    Marni Pasch - Team Pasch Academic Coaching    Podcast - School Counselor Gone Rogue    www.teampasch.com


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