Let's Chat Student Overwhelm and Overscheduling! What were we thinking?

Are we over-scheduling our teenagers and tweens with too many activities? How can we help prevent burnout among teenagers? Click here to learn more or listen to the episode.    #studyskills #highschool #middleschool    Marni Pasch Academic Coach Team Pasch Academic Coach Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue

Student Schedules and Overwhelm - Episode 002

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How can we help decrease student stress levels at school? The first place parents and teachers should look is at the schedule of the student. We want  our children be well rounded, intelligent and caring individuals..but at what cost?  Kids are not allowed to roam the neighborhood and are now shuttled from ballet to karate to theater with homework squeezed in the middle. This leads to an increase in teenage stress and schedule overwhelm.

Our intentions are good, but what are all of these activities doing to our children? When teachers are accused of giving too much homework, are they supposed to make amends because of the over-scheduling of activities? When are too many activities too much for a child to handle?

Children are supposed to have fun, but instead are facing high school courses in middle school, college courses in high school and medical school applications in kindergarten. 

What is the balance that parents, children and educators need to find?

Take Inventory

 Reflect on the last year what activities were on your families plate? What were your responsibilities at work? What were your child's school activities?

Then take a moment to reflect on how those obligations made you and your child feel. Did your child complain about overwhelm or stress?

Did you feel exhausted? Did you get tired of being a parent taxi? What positive feelings came up and how many negative feelings surfaced? Perhaps it is time for you to look at the balance in your family's life. 

The Steps

1. Take Emotional Inventory

2. Talk to the other adults in your life

3. Talk to your child about their feelings on their schedule

4. Make the choice about schedule changes as a family

Listen to the Episode

Listen to this episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue to identify what student burnout looks like and how to avoid it during the school year.

Parents want to raise well-rounded children but when is too much too much? Learn how to stop schedule overwhelm and the signs of burnout in this post and episode. Click here for more information.  School Counselor Gone Rogue is a podcast that talks all things struggling students and education.


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