What is Reality Villain Jonny Fairplay Doing Now?

Love all things Survivor? What is Survivor’s most famous villain Jonny Fairplay doing now? Listen to this episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue to learn about Survivor player Jonny Fairplay.   Marni Pasch - Academic Coach Team - Pasch Academic Coach  Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue   www.teampasch.com

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Jonny Fairplay, from Awesome Student to Survivor Villain - Episode 056

Survivor and JONNY FAIRPLAY!

Survivor Season 39: Island of Idols kicks off shortly on CBS. Team Pasch will be watching but, when one brings up the reality show “Survivor”, there is no way that the name and deeds of the infamous villain, Jonny Fairplay, doesn’t heat up the discussion. The reality villain, wrestler, and realtor (?!) is known for his cutthroat strategies to survive the island and is one of the best villains television has produced. He stood out with his game play on Survivor: Pearl Islands and again on Survivor: Micronesia. 

A chance meeting on Instagram led to our chat about life in school and creating his persona for Survivor. Click the audio player above to hear our conversation with Jonny Fairplay. 

You can listen to Jonny’s podcast with Matt Bischoff,  Survivor NSFW, here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/survivor-nsfw-with-jonny-fairplay/id1290655065

But remember, their show is best for ears 18 and over!

Jonny Fairplay - The Pre-Villain Years

We all know Jonny from the infamous grandma lie, but is he really the villain people saw on TV? To understand the huge personality that is Fairplay, we need to start at school. 

When I asked about his school age years, he began with his hope of becoming famous. But growing up, Fairplay was not only dreaming of fame and reality fandom, he was a stellar student. His grades were off the charts, and he was constantly at the top of the class. He would go to summer school, not to catch up, but to get ahead of the classes. 

He jokingly shares a story that many still find hard to believe. In his 9th grade history class, a substitute teacher was brought in while the teachers threw a party for Fairplay! His cake had an inappropriate limerick, and the teachers had arranged for a cake. He knew that they thought he was special and to date, no kid’s birthday has been celebrated like Jonny Fairplay’s! 

However, as a kid, he wasn’t just academically excellent. He was a leader in school and participated in all sorts of sports like football and tennis among others. Granted he didn’t always excel...but you can’t say he didn’t try!

We also chat about  his life today. It is a newer version of Fairplay which while still villainous, might be a tad more ...mature? Mellow? Refined? Self-Actualized?

I don’t think the dictionary has a word to describe Fairplay because the moment he is defined, he will do anything to thwart the limitations of the definition. 

Listen to the episode to hear more!

Jonny Fairplay on School Counselor Gone Rogue?? That’s right Survivor fans. We are talking with the original bad boy of reality tv, Jonny Fairplay about the path from school age smarty pants to TV’s number one villain.   Listen to School Counselor Gone Rogue on your favorite podcast platform! And check out Jonny’s Hilarious show Survivor NSFW...which while awesome is not for the little one’s ears.   Marni Pasch - Academic Coach Team - Pasch Academic Coach  Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue   www.teampasch.com

A Villain? No Chance!

The Jonny Fairplay that we have seen on “Survivor” is certainly not the person I sat spoke with. He is a free-spirited individual and conscious parent. 

Jonny stated that he was a  student in gifted and talented classes, and I see many of the quirks in Jonny that I have seen in my academic coaching students. 

Bold. Brash. Bright. 

To speak with these bright students is like boarding a train you didn’t know you bought a ticket for. You don’t know where you will end up...but it will be one heck of a ride. 

You exit the train ride frazzled, slightly off step, certainly smarter- but not sure what happened.

That’s how I felt after my conversation with Jonny. After listening to his podcast (remember kiddies it’s NSFW) I don’t think I am the only one left wondering, “Did I just hear what I thought I heard?”

While Fairplay loves a good party and is a keen traveler, he is definitely an invested parent. The small amount of free time that he gets with his daughters are precious to him. He’s even shown them his season of Survivor and spends evenings watching “America’s Got Talent”, “Flash” and “Survivor” with his kids while preparing dinner. He also watches the Bachelor to podcast about it on his show.

But when I labeled him as “laid-back”, he denied it and preferred being called an “entertainer” who likes to host parties and entertain people instead of sitting still.  

Listen to the full episode to hear more about life after Survivor!

We joined Fairplay for dinner before his charity event for Give Kids the World in Orlando, FL. Walking the red carpet was a surprise bonus!

We joined Fairplay for dinner before his charity event for Give Kids the World in Orlando, FL. Walking the red carpet was a surprise bonus!


Wrestling and Comedic Influence on Survivor

When you think about Jonny Fairplay, those who are “in the know” will recognize the characters that influence Fairplay. He was once the assistant to wrestler Roddy Piper (whom his daughter is named after) and even spent time in the ring.  

While the ring might not be a calling anymore, he listens to podcasts in his car all the time that keep him updated about the world of wrestling.  

Another name mentioned throughout the episode is Andy Kaufman. Kaufman is known by many as a comedic genius and had a huge impact on Jonny’s life. We discussed how Kaufman’s characters helped to develop the character of Jonny Fairplay and what he brought to Survivor.


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In Closing

In Shakespeare's play,  As You Like It, Jaques says “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.”

If we are the audience, then we must determine whether we will invest the time to go beyond the characteristics the actor presents on stage. 

Jonny Fairplay is indeed a man playing many parts, but as he stated, they are all leading to an evolved character which we hope to see compete on another season of Survivor.

If you decide to go no further than the entertainment that Fairplay provides, you will not be disappointed. He will proudly provide you a villain to boo and hiss, while winking at the audience that gets it. 

If you have the opportunity to know him further, you will  find an intelligent, amusing, scamp, whose antics in the past might have overshadowed the fact that at the end of the day Jonny Fairplay is... a nice guy. 

Make sure to Checkout Jonny’s podcast Survivor NSFW and remember it’s best for the older ears!

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