Why Planners Lead to Acdemic and Life Success

Achieving goals requires the willingness to be intentional and accountable. And one of the many things that help people monitor their goals and keep their life in check is a planner. In this post, you’ll learn science-backed benefits of planners and how planners help you become successful.

As an Academic Coach, I remain committed to coaching students on academic life. These helpful tips can increase student success!

What Benefits Come with Planners?

Christina Holub, an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State University believes students can reduce stress levels by using a planner. She explained this in light of a research carried out by the American College Health Association in 2014. They reported that 57% of students were extremely anxious while 35% were depressed. Her planner incorporated academics and self-care to address the needs of students to thrive at school

With planners that provide self-care tools for balancing goals and fulfilling purpose, you can improve study skills and concentration levels.

Interestingly too, there is evidence that educational development is linked to handwriting. These brain areas – the left fusiform gyrus, the posterior parietal cortex, and the inferior frontal gyrus perform better as writing improves.

Using paper planners encourage these results. Also, they help students to be creative and store information. In essence, using planners can help you to document your class assignments, remember dates, names of authors, and other necessary tidbits. Writing your plans and goals makes you mindful of targets and how to achieve them.


Of course, there are different types of planners, and it’s true that app planners easy and fun. If you need to move away from the paper system, you can select from other formats.

Different Types of Planner System

Planners come in different types, just as there are different people all around the world. It’s important that you know the types of planners that exist so you can pick what suits you best. Main planners include:

·         Basic Planners – These are perfect for monitoring assignments and getting them done. They are simple and affordable for new users, and also help students to improve their organizational skills as they return to school. 

·         Technology Planners – They come with impressive features that cover different aspects of life and planning. These include apps for setting goals, alarms, reminders, calorie counter, habit trackers, and more.

         APPS- Go to Itunes and you will find free and low cost systems that download to your phone. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to decipher which APP is right for you. Do your research and stick with one system for a set period of time to weigh the pros and cons.

In conclusion:


Planners are useful for:

·         Keeping a journal

·         Saving stickers and photos

·         Bullet journaling

·         To-do list for study plan

·         Scheduling events and appointments.

Apart from these, planners also:

·         Instill discipline

·         Improve mental and physical health

·         Boost commitment

·         Improve dedication to academics

·         Encourage preparedness

·         Aid relaxation

·         Enhance productivity

·         Increase time management

·         Boost happiness and excitement levels

·         Encourage healthy eating habits.

Thus, for everyone looking to improve study skills and obtain goals, the benefits of planners go a long way.

Students benefit immensely from the use of planners whether paper or electronic. With the innumerable benefits of planners, children can grow into successful goal setters.                                      

I work with students across the country through personalized coaching to help them develop the right system for their needs. Every student is unique and needs a tailored system to thrive at school.


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