Volunteer Ideas for Teenagers and Kids

Looking for volunteer positions for teenagers and middle school students can be difficult.. Here are 5 ways to help your child give back and find their passions through volunteer work.   Click to learn more!    Marni Pasch Team Pasch Academic Coaching www.teampasch.com

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to the society. Finding volunteer opportunities for your teenager or child can narrow down their passions and develop skills that will allow them to enter college or the workforce with a competitive edge.

Today, GPA is not enough to set your child apart from the pack. Colleges and employers are looking for well rounded individuals who demonstrate a go-get-them attitude. It also helps your child develop a sense of responsibility to others.

In this post, we’ll take you through five volunteer opportunities for teenagers. These teen volunteer ideas enable you to help people in need, rescue animals, grow a garden, learn a foreign language or teach sports to younger children.

As always, I encourage you to think outside the box. If your child is thinking about a career in graphic design – they might not think a volunteer opportunity at Habitat for Humanity would be a good fit. Have them inquire about opportunities in the design or social media department. If your child wants to be a journalist – maybe they can create a blog to cover the building events! Volunteering allows your child to create their own opportunities.

Let’s get started.

5 Volunteer Opportunities for Teens, Families and Children

Volunteer Match

VolunteerMatch is committed to matching willing and qualified volunteers with nonprofits and causes that align with their interest.

Various volunteer opportunities are available on this portal due to its well-structured and organized method of recruiting volunteers.

As the largest volunteer network for nonprofits, VolunteerMatch makes it easy for teens to participate in causes that cater to people, animals, and art.

To participate, enter your state and location into the top bar on the home page and click “get started.”

You can also elect to participate in virtual experiences. This allows your child to volunteer without worrying about transportation. This is a common issue that holds many teens back from volunteering during the summer.


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Go Abroad.com

GoAbroad.com encourages youth and parents to participate in teenage volunteer summer programs away from home. Such exposure to a different culture and life prepares teens under 18 to learn independence at an early stage in their lives.

Volunteer opportunities for teenagers at GoAbroad include trips to British Virgin Islands, Mongolia, Dominican Republic, and several other places.

The overall goal is to ensure that high school students explore their interests and disconnect from their regular life in order to help those who need their support.    

There are also opportunities for families to travel together. Many experiences do cost a fee – but are lower than normal travel expenses because of the time donated to a worthy cause.



Go Eco

GoEco.org offers teen volunteer opportunities to those under 18 and who intend to live conscientious, caring lives before moving on to college.

From the African Wildlife Orphanage, the Sea Turtle Rescue Rehabilitation, to the Under 18 Marine Conservation Expedition, this volunteer platform helps young people to get involved in their community and the larger environment.

If you don’t seem interested in wildlife and animal conservation, you could consider teaching English abroad.  



The American Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross is the youth arm committed to training younger children, preparing for disaster relief or conducting blood donations.

Throughout the year (spring, summer, fall or winter), you can always find a Red Cross activity to engage in so you can feel fulfilled. To volunteer at the American Red Cross, visit the national site and you’ll get information on your local Red Cross chapter. You can also be a founding member of a club at your school! Visit http://redcrossyouth.org/ to look at the requirements of starting an organization.

Habitat for Humanity

Aside from giving food to the hungry, providing affordable and convenient homes for people is another excellent way to pay it forward. Habitat for Humanity builds houses around the world and works with volunteers to build, repair, fund-raise, educate on, and advocate good housing.

Feel free to choose the long- term or one-time volunteer opportunity.


In Closing

What you’ve read above emphasizes how volunteering can be fun and impactful.

Are you interested in saving humanity or animal rescue? Are you willing to spend at least 4 hours of your week teaching a skill you’re good at or helping people?

With the volunteer opportunities for teenagers shared in this post, you can give back to worthy causes, develop skills and find your passion. As Mahatma Gandhi said, you find yourself by getting lost helping others.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, look for businesses or causes in your neighborhood. Reachout on Facebook groups to see if you neighbors know of volunteer opportunities.

Stay on point,

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