3 Study Tips to Rock your Finals

Preparing for finals can be scary especially when you think your year grade depends on them! We look at 3 simple techniques to prepare for finals that work for middle school, high school and college students.    Click to learn more!    Marni Pasch Team Pasch Academic Coaching www.teampasch.com

Studying for finals is often more stressful than preparing for regular exams. It seems that the entire year rides on these final week of tests. Students worry about how best to study, how much time they should spend studying, and when to stop studying.

In this post, you’ll discover three fail-proof study strategies for finals that’ll help you prepare with confidence and face the exams without anxiety.

What are Three Effective Study Strategies?

High school students as well as college students often panic at the thought of finals. However, the finals week doesn’t have to frighten you. Incorporate the following three study tips for finals into your preparation:    


Time Management = Testing Success

Time is money, they say. Yet, as far as your finals are concerned, time is priceless. You need to develop a practical study plan so that you can cover all your study materials without feeling pressured.

Creating a game plan involves using calendars, alarms, and reminders. Such systems can help you to determine what subject you intend to study at a particular time. Also, you’ll determine how much time you need to spend reading chapters of your textbook or visualizing concepts.

These are all great ideas in theory- however, many of my academic coaching clients come to me with NONE of these skills.

So how do ramp up these skills with only a few weeks to go? I recently hosted a free virtual workshop for parents on helping your child with finals without procrastination, tears or stress. We want over the strategy I use with my academic coaching students. Want to make sure you don’t miss future workshops? Signup for my future workshops by clicking here!

 Set apart some time for breaks so that your brain can recharge and you can get enough mental and physical rest.     



Become the Teacher

The best way to determine if you know something well enough is to explain it to someone else. This is one of the most fundamental final exam success tips.

Interestingly, there are various ways to learn and teach others. During your personal study time, quiz yourself and give yourself rewards for getting answers correctly.

What about kicking it old school with a study group? When you create a study group, you will discover that studying with others comes with more benefits. Not only does it allow you to affirm the things you know, but you will also work at comparing notes, demystifying difficult concepts, and solving tough statistic problems.

In addition, you may devise a study style or memory code for remembering content of your study materials. Acronyms, for one, have been known as an effective study aid. Bottom line – when you teach others, you will never forget.        



Make your Health Number 1

Spending the day with your study group and the night studying in your room the only thing you need to do to rock your final tests of the school year. Your health is also a priority.

You will be expending more mental power for decoding, assimilation and retention. Hence, it becomes essential for you to eat the right brain foods, exercise, and get enough sleep.

Don’t gamble your 8-hours of sleep and eat healthy foods (no Red Bull is not a food group). Try eating more brain foods like walnut, avocado, dark chocolate and leafy vegetables. Break up your studying with physical activity during the day so that the blood keeps flowing and you give your brain and butt a break.

Again, cultivate the habit of positive self-talk. Mental health requires that you speak only positive things to yourself since you program your brain with the things you imagine. Don’t go about believing that you “can’t pass this subject.”

Think about scoring A’s in all your papers. Imagine being a success, and your finals will be the best exams you have ever written.


In Closing

Are you worried about your finals? Do you feel intimidated by how much you have to study and the little time you have?

Get creative with the three study strategies for final exams in this post. Plan your study time, teach others, and stay healthy (especially mentally).

Parents- this time of year does not have to lead to headaches and stress! You might have missed the most recent workshops, but new topics and dates are added frequently! Click here so you don’t miss the next one!

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