An online workshop and guidebook for parents

to tackle homework frustrations. 

$187.00 Investment

The limited founder's class pricing ends October 17th 2018.

As a parent, I know that homework time can drive a wedge between you and your kiddo. We want quality time not quarreling time! In this online parent workshop, we dig in and work on re-partnering with our child during homework time.

Parents are busy, which is why this workshop can be completed at home or from the carpool line, on your time.





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Module 1

The Playing Field

Have you ever asked yourself: Why is my child turning a 5-minute assignment into 5 hours of torture?” 

We can’t create a playbook if we don’t understand the sport!

I will teach you, in non-doctor jargon, what is up with your kiddo’s brains during homework time. You will learn about the executive functions (you know, that part of the brain that controls planning, prioritizing and procrastination) and discover how our brains learn best (because maybe your child has a point when they say homework is pointless). 

After this module, you will understand that your child may not be intentionally trying to drive you crazy and why.

Module 2

The Strategy

The problem with parenting books is there hasn’t been one written about YOUR life. Until now. 

What good is a book by Dr. SoandSo if they don’t get your child? You need a plan that is based on your life. Together we look at what homework time is like now, where you want to be, and what prevents us from getting it. We also explore what you want from your relationship with your child.I’m guessing it isn’t fighting about linear equations or borrowing. Then we need to examine if our actions during homework time are getting us what we want. 

Is your goal to win one game or win the championship? Let’s create a strategy that gets you what you want!

By the end of this module, you will have a clear and realistic vision of how you want homework time to be.

Module 2 - the strategy


Module 3

The Opponent

There was a time where you looked at your child and just enjoyed laughing and hanging out with them. Why did homework have to ruin that?

Unfortunately, homework is here to stay. How can we crush our other homework opponents?  We will look at the less obvious homework obstacles. These include communication, parenting perfection paralysis, and your schedule. Then we will create strategies that pivot us from stress to success.

By the end of this module, you will know positive communication strategies, how to set realistic expectations in a (seemingly) perfect world, and how to master your schedule to approach homework time in a stress free manner.

 Module 4

The Equipment

You get a supply list at the start of each school year-but teachers never put homework time lifesavers on the list! Let’s chat about the tools we need for a successful homework time.

Fortunately, there are basics tools that improve homework time whether you are handling 2nd grade spelling or 12th grade AP Biology. 

We need to build our team, tools, and routine. Without these, homework time can feel as chaotic as a herd of kids charging a freshly busted pinata. 

At the end of this module you will have a list of strategies that you can practice yourself AND suggest to your child.

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 Module 5

The Pep-Talk

You are here because conversations about homework are a little scary. Don’t worry- I’m not throwing you back into the wolves without a plan.

We have our playbook but how do we coach the players? The final module will look at how to roll out our game plan and get your kiddo on board. Learn how to test the strategies you have created and build your partnership with your child.

It’s the end of the modules and you will walk away with a personalized strategy that will help you connect with your child over that dreaded thing known as homework time!


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Private FB Tribe

($350 value)

Join the private Parent Crüe!
We all need someone to lean on, right? Who better than parents that understand EXACTLY what you are going through.
I am available daily to answer questions and help you dig deeper into your homework frustrations!
Homework struggles are real. Learn and grow with each other!

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Plan Jams

($200 Value)

Does your week seem to blur by in a frantic flurry? Does it make homework time stressful? Plan Jams take your week from stressful to successful.
There will be two group Plan Jams during the course. You will learn how to strategically get all the have-to’s on paper and plan where homework time fits best.
Remember the best homework time is one where YOU are in the right frame of mind!

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Weekly Huddle

($650 value)

While I don’t offer 1:1 coaching for parents (I save that for the kiddos) you get access to me weekly via an ONLINE platform called Zoom.
Working online is awesome because you can work with me from home or the shopping isle. Pop in and ask questions, try out strategies, and explore the weekly topics on a deeper level. Or just listen and absorb!

Can’t make it live? No problem! Submit your questions in advance and watch the replay!

*for duration of course



🗂 Swipe File

Get the email templates needed to help you correspond with teachers, counselors and other members of your child’s team. When we advocate for our kiddos, emotions can cause us to leave out important information! Having these templates helps you take emotions out of the inbox and make sure your needs are heard.

💬 Communication Coordinator

Do you feel unprepared for parent teacher conferences? Get all your correspondence in one place! Easy to use spreadsheet to track your communications!

📝 The Homework Playbook Workbook

This workbook will guide you through the entire program. Each week's training exercise has an accompanying worksheet with easy to follow fill-in-the-blanks to complete. The workbook will walk you step-by-step to help you implement what you learn along the way!



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 The Homework Playbook is for you if:

  • You are frustrated with homework time and want to enjoy your kiddo after school. Maybe life won’t be a Leave it to Beaver episode, but we can rock it like Full House (minus the donkey you have to sing the Three’s Company Theme song too).

  • You are tired of feeling like a terrible parent over homework. Don’t let your awesome parenting be defined by a moment. Homework time catches us at our weakest moment, not our worst!

  • You know your kiddo is awesome, but school work sometimes makes you forget their greatness. You need to find that child/parent joy again!

  • You have a child in 1st grade -12th grade whose spirit is being dimmed by homework frustration, and your spirit is being dimmed with it. 

  • You are able to embrace parenthood as a journey of progress not perfection! Let’s be perfectly imperfect!

Remember- We’ve got this!

Founder’s Pricing Ends October 17th!