I believe in celebrating the unique differences in all of my students. What a boring world it would be if we all learned the same way!
— Marni Pasch

Happy Clients


Ok, these are my happy daughters, but read below for actual client feedback!


Allowing Marni to check in with our son weekly; to provide feedback on his papers and his grades; to require that he check his performance on Powerschool; and to stay focused and organized largely has removed these tasks from his parents' plate so we can stop yelling and start praising him more for his steady and remarkable academic accomplishments. Our family is so much happier this way.

— Monica,

Parent of 9th grader

  He doesn't seem to be as frustrated and aggravated with his schoolwork now. He seems more relaxed and taking an adult approach to handling assignments.

— Michael

parent of 11th grader

THANKFUL,& GRATEFUL for ALL You Do Marni for my boys! You have made a TREMENDOUS impact in their academic and personal lives for the BEST! You are forever a part of theirs and our family's story!

— Patrice

parent of 10th grader and College freshman

I enjoyed your back to school seminar last fall. I am always on the look out for some helpful hints to motivate my 7th grader to have good study habits and work ethic.

— Monica

parent of 7th grader



Sophia~11th Grade Student

"[Working with Marni]  helped me to have someone in my corner that wasn't concerned with discipline, and was more there to help me when I needed it. "

Aiden~10th Grade Student

" I was able to prioritize my time better and get more work turned in. Not only that, but Marni helped me out when i needed a reference for a job interview!"

John~ 11th Grade Student