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What Struggling Students want you to Know

Check out episode 028 of School Counselor Gone Rogue by clicking here.

Do you know a struggling student? A struggling student might be a student who is failing classes or it might be the teenager who struggles with perfectionism but receives all A’s. It isn’t fair to define the experience of a struggling student with a GPA.

Why Keeping Great Teachers Matters

Listen to episode 036 of School Counselor Gone Rogue by clicking here, to chat about why keeping great teachers matter! Every year parents and PTAs search for what teachers want for Teacher Appreciation Week. But if we want to keep passionate teachers in our schools we are going to have to look beyond the coffee mug and flowers. Teacher appreciation week is approaching, and much like all Hallmark-fabricated events, this should be a year – or more than a year. So that’s why this episode is about the awesomeness of teachers. In this podcast, I share what I’ve learned with conversations with teachers this past year – because it’s not just a job, it’s a calling.



Creativity and Note Taking

Read this blog post about how to incorporate doodle notes in the classroom . Writing class notes can be time-consuming, boring and overwhelming- if you aren’t using your style.  However, with Doodle Notes, you can use doodling  to improve concentration levels and, dare I say it, enjoyment of note taking.