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    School Counselor Gone Rogue

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    Marni Pasch is the owner of Team Pasch Academic Coaching and the host of School Counselor Gone Rogue. After receiving her masters in counselor education (and a brief period in the school system), Marni decided to pursue her passion for helping struggling on her own terms.

    A firm believer that “If you don’t fit the system- you make your own,” Marni helps struggling students across the country thrive in school on their terms.

    In addition to her masters in counselor education, Marni is an ACC credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation and holds a certificate in ADHD coaching for teens and college students. Marni has also completed several courses in gifted learning and is licensed through The Anti-Boring Approach to Studying.

    Marni is “Pasch-ionate” (yup, we went there) about helping students find their strengths and achieving their goals.

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