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What Struggling Students want you to Know

Check out episode 028 of School Counselor Gone Rogue by clicking here.

Do you know a struggling student? A struggling student might be a student who is failing classes or it might be the teenager who struggles with perfectionism but receives all A’s. It isn’t fair to define the experience of a struggling student with a GPA.

How cheating scandals hurt your child

Listen to episode 029 of School Counselor Gone Rogue by clicking here. The College Scandal involving Hollywood and wealthy families hurts many people on many different levels - and whether you are a celebrity or not- I’m betting this scandal impacted your child.



What makes a great student?

Read this blog about what makes a great student. Writing class notes can be time-consuming, boring and overwhelming- if you aren’t using your style.  However, with Doodle Notes, you can use doodling  to improve concentration levels and, dare I say it, enjoyment of note taking.

The pressure to become a high achieving student is real. Academic pressure is not only felt by the students who desire to go to a top college - students who feel they don’t measure up are often wondering why they should bother to study. What can a teenager who struggles in school do when everyone around them is setting an impossible measure of excellence? This pressure can lead students to become unmotivated because they fear that they will never reach the level of success of their peers.