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How College Cheating Scandals and Bribes Impact your Child's Education

Getting your child into college should not include bribes or photo-shopping images or your child’s head on an athlete. What does the college bribe scandal started by college counseling adviser Rick Singer, mean for your child? There’s a lot of conversations we need to have. Let’s discuss how the cheating scandal impacts your child.

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Finding your Zen as a Teacher with Dan Tricarico

Teaching is a noble profession, but how do we keep passionate teachers and prevent burnout? Join Marni Pasch, host of School Counselor Gone Rogue and author of The Zen Teacher and Sanctuaries Dan Tricarico , as we discuss teacher self-care, burnout and the future of education.

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How to Start a New School Year with a Fresh Approach

Changing your study habits doesn’t have to be difficult. Study habits can be difficult to change when you are expecting perfection. Students should focus on the small school tasks they can change and track their results. When a teenager tries to change their school behavior, it is important to celebrate their progress.

Learn the steps to tackle study changes here!

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How to Survive the Holidays when you Live with a Struggling Student

With the winter holidays approaching, stress is at an all time high. How can you make sure that holiday stress does not impact your relationship with your child? How do you build positive holiday memories when you are also dealing with a child who is struggling at school?

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