Why every Student Needs a Team

Teenagers have a lot of stress at school. Grades. Prom. Graduation. Friendships. It’s a lot. How can we support teens and help them grow their confidence? In this episode we discuss why every child needs a team!   Marni Pasch -Academic Coach Team- Pasch Academic Coach  Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue   www.teampasch.com

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Why Every Child Needs a TEam - Episode 038

Teenagers are facing struggles that we NEVER faced when we were in school. School shootings, suicide, extreme bullying - even prom is a stressful event (prom-posal anyone?!).

I wanted to peel back the curtain and share with you a little about my journey and the story behind the name Team Pasch Academic Coaching. It’s not just a name- it’s my mission.

The Story Behind the Name Team Pasch

Sharing personal stories with you has always been difficult for me. If I look back at the first season of School Counselor Gone Rogue, it may be something that’s been lacking.  In this episode, I want to open up a little, get out of my comfort zone, and share with you the reason and story behind Team Pasch and how I got into academic coaching.

In this episode, you’ll hear the story of Team Pasch, and the secret that no kiddo tells anyone. Cool, nerdy, theater, jock – no matter what age, there is something about school that is terrifying for a student. The amount of terror changes from person to person. There is no kiddo out there who doesn’t have a little bit of tightness in their stomach on the first day of school.

I know that because when you peel away their friends, the social media, and all of the outside expectations and you give them a safe place to talk, they can actually admit how they really feel.

As someone who struggled with self-esteem and confidence in middle school, high school, even college and today, it’s refreshing (even as an adult) that I’m not alone in my concerns or fears. Even if everyone else has a vibe of confidence, I know that at some point, they felt the nerves too.

How the Term Team Pasch Started

The reason I wanted to become a school counselor was that I wanted to offer a safe haven for kiddos to just be who they are. No worry about friends’ opinions. No concerns about the pressure of putting on a front on the playground and being tough. No concern about their GPA, what college they were going to get into. I wanted to offer a second in their day where they could just let it all out and just emote who they are, what they want to do, and what they’re thrilled about, their dreams and worries.

When I accepted my position at a high school, I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and full of ideas. I did not know that as a new comer, the best thing you can do is just sit down, shut up and follow the status quo. I didn’t get that memo in grad school. My tiptoe into the school environment was already not off to a good start. But I had this idea.

When I got my first alpha – the letters of the alphabet who were going to be my students – I was going to call it Team Pasch. It didn’t matter whether you were M-i-e or R-a-m, or anything in between: we were a team.

I got this really cool shirt that I still have upstairs. It said “Team Pasch” and had a really cool picture of a theater mask, and a beaker-lookin’ thing, sports and cheer equipment.

No matter what your background, what your experience, if you were in my alpha, we were all on the same team. There was no competition. There was no “I’m better than you because I wear these shoes.” The second you came into my office, we were on an equal playing field. That’s the way it rolled some days.

My Office was Kicking!

My office was busy and buzzing with students. Some days we did have the captain of the football team next to someone who didn’t know what a football was.  And they treated each other with dignity and respect in my office. 

None are better than other. The person sitting next to you has something really cool about them that you can learn from. That was the experiences when one came to my office.

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    My Middle School Experience

    I used that same mentality in my internship at a middle school. I had some of the most amazing students there. I had a group who were probably in the dean’s office as much as they were in the classroom, and I was terrified of working with them. I’m terrified of standing in front of 10 people, let alone three who have a history of disrupting and being disrespectful to adults. I was terrified.

    I’m a perfectionist. I was afraid of doing something so critically wrong, that I’d mess something up and they’d turn on me. But, I took this Team Pasch approach and laid it out on the table.

    ·         We would define what respect was to one another.

    ·         We would abide by those rules of respect.

    ·         We were going to respectfully let people know if they overstepped those boundaries.

    That included me. I didn’t feel I was any better than the kids sitting in the room with me. It worked. We had our moments. I had to go from the nice cop to mean cop mentality on occasion. Otherwise, we were four people in a room, learning from one another how to get through middle school. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t learn as much from those kiddos as they learned from me.

    I am cheesier than a bag of of bricks!  Check out this week’s episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue for the story behind Team Pasch, and why I believe every kiddo needs a team!  Check out School Counselor Gone Rogue on Itunes,Stitcher or Google Play or check out the website and show notes!

    The Organized School Year™

    I’m putting the final touches on my course, “The Organized School Year,” and one of the things I say multiple times is this: You are the expert of your life. It would be rude of me to assume that I know what’s best for you.

    The premise of the class is this: I’m here to help students take ownership of their school life, (whether they’re in elementary, middle or high school). And start thinking about what works best for them. I have tools and guiding questions, and my own experiences, if students are open to hearing them.

    I always allow my students to share what they learn and what they know. There’s always the possibility that they have some pretty awesome ideas that I could add to my toolkit.


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    In Closing

    If you ever get an email that says “Welcome to the team,” know that I truly believe that. If we are working together, to help you learn and grow, and I know that I’m learning things from you, and treating you like a human who has valuable experiences, we’re going to learn and grow together.

    As always, I know it sounds wonky and cheesy, but my students know that’s who I am. When they sign up to work with me, they know that’s how I roll. But they know that they have someone who has their back every step of the way. I never went to a school that had a football team until my master’s degree in college, but that’s apparently what people on a team do.

    No matter what personality, background, or life experiences you have: you are a team, coming together to work toward an end goal. That’s it.  

    Welcome to Team Pasch, cuz you are totally awesome!

    If you want to work together this summer, I’m finishing up my new course, “The Organized School Year.” I am so excited about this! The wait list is already growing. And you can join by going to TeamPasch.com/TheOrganizedSchoolYear.

    This course is all about you, kiddo: figuring out the system that works for your brain, for your life. There’s no more being told by adults what works for them, because, yeah. It’s awesome for them. We want to find out about what is awesome for you.

    If you’re ready to launch your kiddo from hot mess to academic success, go to www.teampasch.com/TheOrganizedSchoolYear  

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    Grades. Prom. Graduation. Friendships. Teens are facing a lot of stress in middle and high school.  How can we support teens and help them grow their confidence? In this episode we discuss why every child needs a team!   www.teampasch.com School Counselor Gone Rogue is a podcast by trained school counselor turned academic coach, Marni Pasch.  Join the conversation about all things struggling students, education, parenting, ADHD, time management and more.    #parenting #podcast  Marni Pasch Academic Coach Team Pasch Academic Coaching www.teampasch.com


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