How College Cheating Scandals and Bribes Impact your Child's Education

Are you stressed about getting your child into college? Are you worried about your child’s grades in school? How do cheating scandals impact your teen’s school experience? Click here to learn more.   Marni Pasch -Academic Coach Team- Pasch Academic Coach  Podcast School Counselor Gone Rogue

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What the college cheating scandal means for your child - Episode 029

What was Aunt Becky Thinking?

The College Scandal involving Hollywood and wealthy families broke a few weeks ago. If you are accessing this episode years, later - it involved a college adviser helping parents bribe test administrators, college coaches and psychologists into helping their children cheat on their college admission requirements. And yes - Lori Loughlin - AKA Aunt Becky from Full House was one of the parents involved.

I am still processing what the twins will make of this.

Jokes aside, this scandal hurts many people on many different levels - and that is what this episode of School Counselor Gone Rogue will focus on.

If this Scandal makes you think the System is Unfair, you haven’t been Listening

If your initial reaction to the college scandal  was this is unfair because people have an advantage in the system then you've probably been ignoring  the people in the #metoo movement who have been saying that systems have been unfair. You've probably been not understanding the outrage behind the Black Lives Matter Movement, saying that systems are unfair. You have not been listening to the voices of lower income students who have been saying systems are unfair. You are not listening to the voices of the  employees that worked at Trump country clubs, who are now getting punished and removed from jobs-that are saying systems are unfair. 

So if you're hearing this scandal and saying systems are unfair - chances are you've been ignoring a lot of different voices over the years that have been saying the same thing. 

 If you are outraged about systems being unfair and this is the first time that you've ever felt that way-welcome to the party. 

Start listening to the voices of other people who have said systems, whether they be educational or justice or employment or pay scale, start listening to what they have been saying.

Maybe, just maybe, there are many systems that are broken, and there is nothing wrong with the system being broken. What matters is, what are we going to do to change it? I don't know if I have an answer for that, either- but I do believe that conversations and listening and learning about other people's experiences and accepting that something  might be wrong is a good place to start.

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    What this Means to Parents of Children with Learning Differences

    Any parent who has a child with a learning difference, be it dyslexia,processing disorders, ADHD and so on has probably dealt with somebody that questioned the validity of their child’s disability and needs. This scandal has now made it 1000 times more difficult for parents to seek the help that their children need. Why? Because these parents used 504 accommodations to help their child cheat on SAT’s.

    As parents, we already face eye rolls and snarky comments (never to our face-but we know they are happening) when we attempt to reach out for help with our children’s learning needs.

    The victims of this scandal are many - but the one that touches me personally - is that impacts my children and my students. This article touches on how victims of this scandal include the students who already struggle to obtain resources at school.

    Let’s just say that this cheating scandal has me peeved.  Listen to this episode on how the college cheating scandal impacts your kiddo’s life.  Check out School Counselor Gone Rogue on Itunes,Stitcher or Google Play or check out the website and show notes!

    Parents - Do your Children WANT to attend College?

    Dear Parents,

    If you have to risk jail time to get your kiddo motivated to attend college- THEY MIGHT NOT BE READY TO ATTEND COLLEGE.

    We go deeper on the podcast episode ( you can click the player at the top of the page to listen to the full episode) but if you aren’t seeing your child jumping to compile their list of colleges or refusing to take an SAT or ACT prep course, their might be a conversation about college that you need to have.

    • Do they want to go to college?

    • If not, what is their plan? What rules will you put in place as a parent if they choose a plan b?

    • Why are they procrastinating college choices? Are they scared about something? Are they worried they will be turned down?

    There are so many important questions you should have with your child about the college process BEFORE you do something illegal. Talk with your children about college. Don’t even start with whether they want to go or not. Start with what they think college will give to them. How can it help them with their future? If they don’t see the connection - maybe they need a few years to think about it!

    I discuss my friend’s journey to college and how he landed on his feet even after many years off - listen to the full episode for details.


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    What do Colleges Value? Academics or Athletics?

    This is a debate that has been happening for years. However, this scandal highlights that spots are being given- not to high achieving students, but to FAKE ATHLETES. Fake. Phony. Photoshopped heads on athletes bodies.

    Why were these spots given to fake students? It’s already a slap in the face to have a spot given to an amazing athlete with low academics. I mean at least they are contributing to the money making industry that is college sports. But a FAKE athlete? That is mind blowing.

    In Closing

    These notes only touch upon the emotions that this cheating scandal raised. I encourage you to listen to the entire episode. If it’s the only episode you listen to - make it this one.

    Follow me on Instagram: @team_pasch, like me on Facebook, subscribe to the show, leave a review. If you’re not motivated to do so, send me an email and tell me why not. Y


    • Victims of the college cheating scandal

    • Importance of sports over academics in college

    • What parents need to ask themselves about their college hopes for their teenagers.

    • Conversations parents need to have with their children about the college cheating scandal

    • Learning differences and accommodations



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