Why is Studying just not Working?

Students who appear to have their stuff together, don’t excel because they read more or spend less time at play. Instead, they have learned the smart way to learn and apply it to improve their study skills.

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So, what is the smart way to learn and how is it different from what we are currently doing? Perhaps the better question is, what is the STRATEGIC way to learn?

This is a great kick off to our Finals on Fire Week starting Monday, May 7th (ps if you are reading this blog – go signup now!)  When you break away from the conventional ideas of studying and incorporate creative strategies into your practice, you start to tap into your brain’s potential.

No two brains like the same routines for learning and retaining information. Yet we are made to sit in a system that stresses testing and rule following.

I was convinced that studying meant re-reading the text and mindlessly thumbing through flashcards.  Facts are often boring, complex, and without emotions. I could not figure out how to love an equation! Our brains yearn to relate the new things we learn with things we already know.

When my teachers would teach math without relating them to everyday experiences, I lost interest. I became more concerned about the sounds outside or the person walking down the hallway.

I’m willing to bet there is someone reading this that felt the same way.

How can we become frustrated when our children zone out for the same reasons?

More importantly, what can we do to stop it?

I am a firm believer that giving students the information behind the process of learning empowers them to take charge of their educational experience.

When I discovered Gretchen Wegner’s approach to learning through the Anti-Boring Approach to Studying and the Art of Helping Students Study Strategically, I was hooked!


Here was a way to approach learning that would have made a HUGE difference when I was a struggling student in middle and high school.

Next week I am providing a free, four-day, video workshop called Finals on Fire Week.

Whether you are prepping for finals or trying to push through the final weeks of school, the study tools I am sharing from my training in the Art of Helping Students Study Strategically and the Anti-Boring Approach to Studying are going to make it a little smoother!


You can sign up here and follow the instructions. If you don’t sign up, you can’t participate because the videos are only going to those that sign up for the course!

You can view the videos yourself and get a taste of how I guide my students (please forgive me as I went to school to be a school counselor and not a video editor) OR you can share them with your kiddo!

Each video will have a workbook and activities to help you rethink all you thought you knew about learning, plus tools to start using right away!

I can’t wait to see you next week during the workshop!



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