Welcome to Finals on Fire Week! We are talking all things procrastination, motivation and study strategies!

    These are methods I would have benefited from as a former struggling student. I went from a repeat summer school offender to a masters degree in school counseling. I know the pain of feeling like school doesn't get you, and the pride of being a rock star student- despite the odds.




    The workshop has ended, but we had some fun! If you are interested in learning the skills we learned in workshop, you can enroll your child in the summer workshop now!




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    What we learn:

    • How our children are currently studying and why it is NOT getting the right results
    • One way to learn that works with with your brain and NOT against it
    •  A tool to help them understand the toughest concepts (even in math)
    • How to pivot from pesky procrastination and get to work
    • Surprise day- because I love surprises

    The Result:

    These are techniques  I offer my private coaching students, and my students are proof that these strategies work. 100% of my students report feeling less overwhelmed, more confident taking tests,  and the arguments at home decrease!






    Who is Running this Shin-Dig?

    My name is Marni Pasch, and I took my passion for helping struggling students, parlayed it into a school counseling degree, and started a private academic coaching practice.

    I help students develop the skills needed to thrive in a think inside the box school system (ugh).

    Together, we develop life and academic goals, learn strategic study skills, and learn how to navigate a school setting that does not fit the needs of every student.

    In addition to my masters in school counseling, I have an undergraduate degree in pre-law and literature (with a focus on Shakespeare and African American Literature), extensive course work in gifted education, AND certification in coaching students who have ADHD.

    But those are just shiny pieces of paper. The truth is, I was a struggling student in middle school and high school- and I wanted to make sure no student ever felt like a failure at school.

    Private coaching allows me to connect with students and help them take control of their learning experience.  My philosophy is that each student is an expert on their life, and I am the fortunate person allowed to go along for the ride.



    He doesn’t seem to be as frustrated and aggravated with his schoolwork now. He seems more relaxed and taking an adult approach to handling assignments.

    Parent of 11th grade student
    I enjoyed your back to school seminar last fall. I am always on the lookout for some helpful hints to motivate my 7th grader to have good study habits and work ethic.

    Parent of 7th grade student