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Many students struggle grammar and writing style. Whether you are in high school or middle school, there are online resources to help you beat writers block.  These resources will help your writing style, thesis statements and grammar and build your writing confidence!  #writinghack #essaytips #writinghelp  Marni Pasch Team Pasch Academic Coaching

Are you in search of ways to write confidently? Writing can be frustrating and time-consuming for students in middle school, high school, and even college. However, you can build confidence in your writing skills with these online resources. Online tools such as Grammar Girl and Ashford Writing help you gain the grammatical skills you need to ace an essay.

5 websites to improve your Writing

Ashford Writing

Have you tried to draft a paper and found this task really daunting? Ashford Writing takes all that stress away by helping you come up with a thesis. Last week we discussed thesis statement paralysis on my podcast, School Counselor Gone Rogue. This is another tool to help you write a thesis statement.

First, this thesis generating tool allows you to provide information in bits. Next, it produces an argument based on the information you’ve provided.

Some of the information spaces require:

  • Your topic

  • Your idea about the topic

  • Two supporting assertions for your opinion

  • An opposing viewpoint to your idea

  • A likely essay title

When you click submit, you get a 5-paragraph essay guide. Sorry, the entire essay isn't written for you! It will help you focus your writing and give you a bare-bones version of your thesis. DO NOT COPY VERBATIM. I know you can come up with something better. However, it provides another tool in beating thesis statement paralysis, AND you will walk away more confident in your thesis skills.

 Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is an excellent site of quick and dirty tips to help you correct your writing. What started as a blog and podcast evolved into a fantastic website of quick and dirty tips to improve all areas of life. However, let's stay on topic.

The creator of Quick and Dirty Tips is herself a celebrated writer. Thus, you’re assured of the best and easy-to-use tips for improving your writing. She has an easy to listen to podcast called Grammar Girl and each episode focuses on those baffling grammatical tricks such as  'A' vs. 'An' and 'Flier' vs. Flyer.' Think of the brilliant conversations you will have at dinner parties as you teach your friends the history of words! No, really, I promise you can be proficient in grammar AND cool. All your questions which pertain to grammar (easy and complicated) are answered here.

Your dream of becoming a confident writer can grow with a ten minute daily check of this website.


Purdue Online Writing Lab

OWL provides citation style guides, formatting resources, and other helpful materials for both teachers and students. This incredible site makes it pretty easy for you to make references when working on a paper or thesis.

Again, this tool is also handy if English isn’t your first language or you need to get materials which are subject-specific.

Purdue University created this free writing lab not just for their students and teachers. Hence, many trainers and students from around the world find Purdue OWL instrumental both within and outside the class.       

I used this resource when I worked as a tutor at a national tutoring company, and I use it to help my students find answers for their writing questions. If it is good enough for Purdue, it's good enough for you!

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes gives you daily tasks, exercises, quizzes, and tests in grammar. You can check the meaning of words, and watch videos to improve your use of English, especially when writing.

If you don’t have a lot of time, you can learn some quick rules and tips for writing with confidence. I struggled with grammar rules. Ok, I still struggle with grammar rules. However, Grammar Bytes, while a bit juvenile, breaks down the standards into easy to follow language. 

Citation Machine

I used this resource in college when Napster was all the rage. You know a program is good when it is still around AND has improved.

Nothing is more painful than writing citations. Even graduate students HATE citations. It's not that we want to steal information. It's that the requirements are so specific, an A paper can be graded a D with the wrong citation punctuation.

With Citation Machine, you can write and cite without errors or confusion. The underlying smart technology detects the book citations and will provide you with both in text and work cited citations. Need to use MLA or APA? No problem! Citation machine will adjust your sources to multiple styles.

You can use a free account which also includes citations and a series of styles such as APA and Chicago. With the paid version, you get unlimited plagiarism checks and writing style suggestions.  

The Bottom Line:

If you are frustrated with grammar rules and style, don’t neglect these five sites. They have everything you need to be an excellent, flawless, and successful writer. If you are looking for something more powerful than your average spellchecker, check out Grammarly! A free account is all you need to double check your essays AND social media posts!*

*I have nothing to hide! This link does contain affiliate links. However, you will never see me suggest something I don’t love!


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Students can struggle writing essays because they don’t have the basic tools. Here are 5 awesome and free websites to help students gain confidence in their essay writing skills.  We look at writing strategies that help with thesis statements, grammar and citations!  #writinghacks #essayhelp #middleschool  Marni Pasch Team Pasch Academic Coaching

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