5 Ways to Beat Summer Brain Drain

5 Ways to Keep Your Study Skills Sharp Over the Summer

Have you heard of “the summer brain drain?” Many students see summer as a time to get lazy and forget all about school. I totally get it, the last thing I wanted to do after a year of school was keep learning. However, it doesn’t have to be painful and it doesn’t have to be pointless!



 There are activities you can engage in to keep your study skills sharp over the summer that won’t interfere with your relaxation.

5 Tips to Keep Your Study Skills Sharp

Brain drain occurs when the long break from learning and classroom activities causes students to relax and forget things they learned at school. I fully support downtime, but too much can take you waaaaaay outside of your routine. These 5 things can keep your study skills sharp, so you can fight off brain drain.  

1.     Writing

During summer, you’ll most likely go on trips, visit parks and resorts, spend time with family and friends, pick up new habits, and grow as a human. Instead of merely experiencing these remarkable moments, consider documenting them in a journal. Take time to write about your hobbies, interests, the new places you visit and what they look like. You can keep your study skills sharp through writing by describing people, places, and events. Not only will journaling keep your writing skills sharp, it can bring you into the moment rather than letting the summer fly by.


2.       Read for Pleasure

Reading has been proven to improve academic skills and emotional intelligence. The more novels, textbooks, and materials you read, the more imaginative you’ll become. More so, it’ll influence your understanding of people and positively impact your relationship with them. In fact, reading fiction can help you understand yourself better.

Think outside of the box! Don’t care for reading? Listen to audio books or podcasts. Try reading a comic book that documents a specific moment in time like Barefoot Gen! Some of my students prefer non-fiction. Want to be an entrepreneur? Read the Wall Street Times! Get Google Alerts about topics you are interested in and read the news.


3.     Play Games

We all know that you should be on Khan Academy or another math related site if you struggle with math. We both know the benefits of it, but you do it?
Let’s assume the answer is no. How can get those math muscles working? Try playing games that require strategic thinking. It may not be a direct application of linear graphs, but it does require mathematical thinking to win a game of Monopoly or Risk. Let’s make a deal- if you lose at the game, you owe me 10 minutes of math practice a day for that week. Deal?

How can you keep study skills sharp over summer break? Here are 5 ways to keep studying techniques in your teenager’s brain. Click here for methods to learn all year long!  Marni Pasch www.teampasch.com Academic Coach

4.     Work with an Academic Coach

<Cough> <Cough> I use the summer time to work directly with students on building their academic and organizational skills. Academic coaches understand the intricacies of academics and how different students perform based on their individual capabilities. Overcome your struggles with your academics and personal life even before the next year starts! As an academic coach, I celebrate where you are at and help you grow the skills to make you the awesome person you want to be! Ready to take charge of next year? Ready to start at the beginning? Sign up for The Organized School Year Virtual Workshop Waitlist!

5.     Attend a Summer Camp

STEAM and STEM camps combine interesting fun and intellect-based activities to unite students from all locations and improve their general abilities. When you sign up for camps, you give yourself a week-long opportunity to learn skills like communication, problem-solving, collaboration, sports, coding, dance, and a host of others. All the properly-planned activities are ideal for enriching your mind and keeping your brain in active mode. And since you have more hands-on learning here, it would be even more fun than school. Plus, it’s a great way to explore areas you might want to pursue as an adult! If I had taken that Irish Dance camp who knows where I would be now!

As you get ready to begin the summer holidays, consider including these five ways to keep your study skills sharp. Do you have other ideas that could make your long holiday away from school fun and productive?

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