Grammarly Vs Hemingway App: Moving Beyond Spellcheck

Many students struggle with how to edit a paper. Writers depend on online editing tools to make their writing flawless. Two of the most common editing tools are Grammarly and Hemingway App.  Let’s chat about how these two websites can help you spot grammatical imperfections in your essays.  #writinghack #essaytips #writinghelp  Marni Pasch Team Pasch Academic Coaching

Many students struggle with how to edit a paper. Heck, adults can struggle with comma placement! Writers depend on online editing tools to make their writing flawless. Two of the most common editing tools are Grammarly and Hemingway App*.

That’s right… I did not mention the spellcheck on your Word documents. Spellcheck, with its squiggly lines, is no longer a shocking warning sign. It has become as easy to ignore as using ‘it’s’ incorrectly.

Let’s chat about how these two websites can help you spot grammatical imperfections in your essays. While both websites have their own awesome features, one is a clear winner.

How does Grammarly Work?

Telling a student to proofread essays is not hard. Having a student proofread their essays IS hard.  Proof-reading is part of the essay process whether we like it or not. What modern spellcheck works best for students?  #writinghacks #essayhelp #middleschool #highschool #essay  Marni Pasch Team Pasch Academic Coaching


The Basics of Grammarly

Grammarly is the number one English grammar software checker for improving writing style. Entrepreneurs and freelancers rely on this tool for accurate and effective writing.

And guess what students, if it works for them – it can work for you too!

Grammarly performs better than other spellcheckers because it possesses remarkable features and functions. To begin with, Grammarly checks the following:

  • · Spelling

  • · Punctuation

  • · Context

  • · Grammar

  • · Sentence structure

  • · Vocabulary choice

  • Genre-specific expressions

  • Plagiarism


In a recent blog post, I suggested spellcheck would not decipher the error of read vs red. Guess what did? Grammarly.


A comprehensive list of the Grammarly features includes:


· Comma usage & slice

· Misspelled words

· Missing articles

· Outdated spelling

· Repetitive words

· Weak adjectives

· Definition of words

· Performance stats

· Critical grammar checks

· Plagiarism detector

· Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

· Personal dictionary


Hold on to your schwa loving panties. Now, Grammarly works with the following social media platforms and browsers: Text messages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook and more!

You can add a plugin to your web browser and it will EDIT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS! There is hope for the emoji lovers! We can use emojis AND correct grammar!

Grammarly works on all major operating systems so there is no need to throw out your Mac or PC!

High school students often wonder how they can improve their writing and get rid of mistakes. Grammarly helps students gain confidence as they transfer their thoughts to the page.

How do you get started?

  1. Visit

  2. ·Create an account

  3. Try the free plan

The free plan is amazing, but you can upgrade to a paid plan. For a low monthly fee, you can gain more editing features. These include noting issues with wordiness (my FAVORITE), misused vocabulary and more. If you are getting ragged on by your teachers for language ambiguity, the paid plan might be what you need.

The biggest perk with Grammarly is that it allows you to improve your skills. It details your mistakes, explains them, and helps you avoid them in the future.

Grammarly has existed since 2008, and in these 10 years, it has stepped up by using artificial intelligence to produce correct grammar. At present, Google and Grammarly are working together to improve texts and translations. The goal isn’t to replace human writers, but to help you express yourself in a concise manner.

 Grammarly is the leading writing assistant that helps you communicate without ambiguity.



Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor focuses on correcting errors in words, word classes, and sentence structures. This free app enables you to assess the readability of your writing. It uses a 12th-grade reading score which you can also adjust to fit an 8th-grade reading score.

This website helps you write stronger sentences by highlighting phrases that are unclear. One positive is that it helps students think about their sentence structure. The Hemingway App also helps students determine the readability of their work by grade level.

While the Hemingway App highlights confusing sentences, it does not provide corrective suggestions. Students can become frustrated when there is no guidance.  It can become a rewrite guessing game which takes time and can wear on your sanity.

When I use the Hemingway App, I always use Grammarly for a final check. It consistently picks up errors that Hemingway App does not catch.

The Bottom Line:

Both sites assess the clarity and correctness of your essays. Whether you’re writing an assignment or posting on Instagram, Grammarly and Hemingway App can help with your fluidity.

If you have to choose one strategy, I would pick Grammarly. It not only points out inconsistencies but provides suggestions for improvement. This reduces the frustration students face when using the Hemingway App.

Above all, remember to give treat your errors with kindness. Whether reviewed by human or machine, mistakes happen. I find editing my own work challenging because my thoughts come faster than my fingers can type. It is far easier to edit my students’ essays than my own blogs. This is why I use multiple tools to review my work. Even with the use of tools, I still catch minor errors. However, using Grammarly has reduced my errors and encouraged me to practice the skills I have learned.

Adding to your editing tool-belt will reduce your grammatical errors and increase your grade!

*I have nothing to hide! This link does contain affiliate links. However, you will never see me suggest something I don’t love!

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