What to do When Life Doesn't Fit your Routine


This week we focused on routines. There is a ton of science that supports the benefit of routine that is outlined in my earlier blog post this week.

Science is awesome, but what if our lives don’t want to fit into a routine?

We can try to schedule our lives and plan routines, but sometimes life doesn't work out the way we want.  How do we bounce back when life doesn't let us plan a routine?  Marni Pasch , academic coach, Team Pasch Academic Coaching http://www.teampasch.com


This week was the 2nd week of tech week. Last week both of my daughters were in tech week for Annie (tech week for those not in the theater world is a week of late night rehearsals followed by 4 performances) and this week it’s for Sound of Music. On top of that, K was home for two days this week with an Asthma attack, my DH was home with pneumonia, it’s FSA’s  AND I got a call from the nurse saying K wasn’t feeling well again today.

My routine went out the window this week.

When things don’t go as planned, where does our routine stand?

1)      Simplify where you can- Can’t feed your family that 5 course meal? Get takeout or a frozen meal. They won’t die from one night without a home cooked meal- do what you can. If you need to skip showers for the night – do it! The key is to make sure you are mentally fit to handle the stress that showed up.


2)      Reach out for help- You don’t have to handle a tough week alone. Do you have friends or family that can lend a hand? Even a phone call to release your stress can help!

3)    Identify the have toos- If there is something in your routine that HAS to get done, pick that one thing and rock it. The other routine items can be put on hold until the week uprights itself.


Routines can bring us comfort, but we have to be flexible with them when things pop up. That is why it feels so good to get back to routine. Even after a week vacation it can feel great to get back to what we know!

What do you do to bounce back from life's surprises?