The Number One Way to Empower Students

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Today is the first day of my video workshop, Finals on Fire week (It’s not too late to sign up FYI), and we are kicking it off by looking at what you THINK you know about studying.

My philosophy is that to empower students, I must help them redefine studying.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself studying. I’m willing to bet that the image you see involves re-reading your textbook. <shudder>

You aren't alone because 98% of my students start working with me,  thinking that same thing! However, this is NOT the way your brain actually learns best (by the end of our time together 100% of my students learn the right ways)!

Science shows that re-reading your text or notes is the exact thing NOT to do in order to learn. In fact, re-reading your text is like trying to put diesel in a Prius. You might think you are using the right gas to get your car moving, but IT’S NOT WHAT IT NEEDS! More importantly, not all gas is the same!

Reading is a vital part of learning, but it’s the re-reading that makes your brain try to skootch away from the books like a toddler in a bath.

Think about it, why would we voluntarily study if a) it is done in a way that our brain recoils from and b) is not giving us the results we want?

Perhaps we expect them to follow the order to study because it is the way your parents or teachers taught you to do it.

What if the way it has always been done is the wrong way?

In order for students to take ownership of their learning, they need to understand the whys behind learning. We then unpack that learning might not work, not because their brains are broken, but because they are doing it THE WRONG WAY.

Imagine how it feels to think you are failing because you are less smart than your friends. That is a horrible feeling. Many of my students come to me in that place. I was in that place. Now imagine the surge of power you would feel when you learn it's not your brain- it's the way you have been taught to do it.

This is the start of empowering students and motivating them to embrace learning again.

If you would like access to the video and workbook to explore these ideas further, click here now.