4 Ways to Help your Child Reignite their Motivation

How can we keep our kiddos motivated and engaged at school when there are schedule disruptions due to testing, end of year events and not to mention- their brains are just worn out!



We spoke recently about routine and how important it can be to our mental well being and how disrupted our balance is when we get out of them.

Your child may very well be experiencing disruptions that you have never experienced. Did you ever have to sit in an auditorium for hours waiting for other students to finish testing?


How do we keep the momentum going when there are so many reasons to check out?


1.       Revisit the goals your child had for the year- As an academic coach, I help students set goals for the year, that have meaning to them. At the start of the year, they are fired up and ready to go!  Now we spend time reviewing those goals and how taking their foot off the gas, might derail them when they are so close. How much effort can they put forth to keep those goals in sight?


2.       Reboot studying – Nothing is as boring as doing the same thing over and over again. Chances are your kiddo has been doing the exact wrong things to study. I’m offering a free, video workshop to help parents teach their kiddo how to shake things up with their studying. We look at procrastination, study techniques that work with your brain (and not against it) and more!


3.       Break down tasks- Many of my students stall because their workload seems overwhelming. Write down all the tasks you have coming up and write down the micro-tasks under those tasks.  I also ask my students to guess-timate the amount of time each task will take. They are normally nervous to start this process, but at the end, they realize their task will be much smaller and the overwhelm disappears!


4.       Have fun- Our lives get so busy. Find 20 minutes, find an hour, find one day to go out and have fun. Put away the phones (I know it’s hard) and do something together that will make you laugh. You’ve all worked hard this school year. Reward yourself with some quality time. Many of my parents admit that it’s been a long time since there has been fun in the school year.


We need to remember that school can be as overwhelming as a job or parenting. Just like we need a break to rejuvenate our souls, so do our children! They have been running a marathon for 9 months and need a reason to push for that finish line! Let’s be on the sidelines cheering them on!