3 Ways to Maintain Student Motivation

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As the end of the school year approaches, it’s not strange to find that students become more energetic but less interested in classes. They can’t wait to be done with assignments and tests. But there are ways to stay motivated at the end of the school year so you can end as strong as you started! With the ideas in this post, you can overcome school anxiety and pull through successfully with confidence!

Ideas on How to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated involves engaging in new and fun activities that allow you to spend more time being creative and being with friends. Let’s be honest, if it’s not fun- you won’t do it!


Study with Your Friends

When you study alone, you might find it difficult to solve particular problems, but when you study with friends, especially those in your class, you can tackle struggles together. An added bonus is that you can divide the work!

Another bonus to studying with your friends is you can ask them to help you with you found difficult, but they breezed through. I guarantee you excel at something they struggled with too!

Finally, I fully support study groups, but make sure your study group is filled with people that motivate you- not drain or distract you!

Create a Balance between School Activities and Play


No doubts, as school wraps up, you may have more assignments and tests to work on. While it’s important that you spend sufficient time getting them done, you shouldn’t spend all the hours of your day with your head in your book.

Your health and overall well-being are as important as school activities. So, allow yourself some time to take a break. Do something fun. Never spend longer than 30 minutes on a subject without a break.  Be mindful that your break doesn’t last longer than 15 minutes- only take long enough to reward and rest your brain!

Never forget that rest is as important as study. Maximize your hours of the day so that you create a balance as the school year draws to an end.

Remain Optimistic

One of the benefits of working with an academic coach, is you know you can always get a few minutes of tough love and redirection!


If you’re hoping to stay motivated at the end of the school year, you give yourself a pep-talk! Remember where, when, and how you started. Think of the previous times you almost gave up because of lack of motivation but didn’t. Stay focused. Pay attention to the end result, because procrastination can lead you astray!


If you’ve been giving 60% before, now is time to push yourself just a little bit further.  Yes! It’ll be worth it.

Of course, one of the benefits of working with an academic coach, is you know you can always get a few minutes of tough love and redirection!

In summary, your goals can be achieved if you stay motivated through group study, finding a balance between school and work, and being positive.

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Marni Pasch