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Anti-Boring Approach to Studying

Ready  to get the grades you want  with less stress?!   Want  to stop crumbling under the weight of procrastination?! Tired of watching your friends have it easier at school?

The Anti-Boring Approach to Studying online course allows your teen to build the skills that will make them a rock star student, and fit YOUR summer schedule!

ABA Summer workshop includes:

  • Access to Anti-Boring Approach to Studying Course, an online 7 module course that covers study skills, organization, motivation, powerful note-taking and more
  • Printable workbook to explore learning strategies and techniques that work for you
  • Weekly personal action plans
  • (4) live student webinars on Zoom (6/29, 7/6,7/18, 7/25) to discuss modules and discuss application of strategies. Sessions will be recorded for additional access
  • (1) parent webinar on Zoom for a Q&A on how to implement action plans for upcoming year

The course and workbook open up on June 18th

I learned new ways to study and felt less stressed. I wanted to study because it worked!
Mark- 11th grade student

Skill #1

Train your Brain

Problem :

You worry that the reason you aren't succeeding at school is because there is something wrong with you .  It seems like the only way to raise your grades is to put in way more effort than you want, and even then, results are disappointing.


STOP studying in ways that bore your brain, and START applying  4 basic brain rules, and you’ll discover that that you can learn anything, effectively and efficiently


Make Learning Fun


You come home after school and can't start on your homework because it feels like busy work. Motivation is non-existent and you are tapped out.


Apply the Study Senses to homework and test preparation, and you will suddenly find that studying for tests feels natural  to you. Study time will feel more interesting, and no longer a chore!

Furthermore, you’ll  feel much more engaged with the material.


Take Powerful Notes


You feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re expected to remember.

You feel you “should” take notes, but you hate all the ways you’ve been taught to do it.


A skimming and annotating trick that will help you remember everything you read – in way less time. The two steps in note-taking that will forever change your ability to find and remember key points and 4 simple ingredients tto apply to ANY note-taking method to make it more effective


Make Quiz-able Study Tools


You are sick and tired of spending time reviewing for tests (and thinking you’re really getting it), only to blank out and not know any answers.


 A quick study routine that takes only 5 minutes. A formula for creating your own study guide, so you don’t have to wait for the teacher to be ready. Learn how to use apps like Quizlet effectively.


Crush Procrastination


You procrastinate like crazy, which results in late night cram sessions that leave you exhausted the next day OR causes your parents to nag you endlessly.


Learn two simple techniques to help you beat procrastination and learn your top distractions and ways to pivot around them. Build your strategies into your rock solid study plan.

Working with you isn’t like working with other adults...you just get me.

Sam- 9th grade student
“Marni is a fun and resourceful coach! She brings both personal experience and professional skills to her clients’ benefit.”
Tayna ~Parent, and LMHC


what if we go out of town?

Nothing! That is one of the benefits of the course! It's online and can be accessed where-ever you go! Don't want to bring a computer? No problem, there is no expiration on the course! The live webinars will be recorded, so your child can access them when you return. They can submit any questions prior to the webinar, and I will address them in the live session.

I don't know how my child will do in an online course.

You aren't the first to ask that question. However, school systems across the country are switching to online platforms (whether that is a good idea is another debate).  The Anti-Boring Approach to Studying Course is the perfect way to ease your kiddo into the online platform. The platform is easy to follow. I made a quick video to show you what to expect in the ABA course    If you have additional questions, please, send me an email!

How do zoom sessions work?

95% of my private coaching sessions take place via Zoom because I work with students across the country.

But guess what? Even my local students opt for Zoom sometimes. The reason is that it is easy, it is convenient AND kids feel more comfortable in their own environment. 

Each meeting will discuss the major take-aways for the modules, guided discussions, brain storming of application in daily life, and formation of a personalized list of strategies

Can my 3rd/4th/5th grade child take this course?:

You know your child's ability best.  I have taken my oldest daughter through the course (4th grade) and we had some great conversations about organization and studying. If you are looking to purchase it for a younger child, I suggest making it a family affair! Feel free to watch the online course videos with your child (leave the Zoom meetings to the students please). Let the course drive some quality, school based discussions at the dinner table this summer!

will this course help my child in college?

I work as an academic coach for students in grades 6th - college, and I share the same techniques and strategies no matter their grade. College students can certainly benefit! I used some of these strategies while I was earning my graduate degree, and I finished a 36 page paper 2 weeks before the deadline!

What age is right for this course?

This course is perfect for students entering grades 6th and higher. Many of my students are lacking organizational and time management skills (the executive functions don't full develop until age 19-25). This course helps them start thinking about how to create systems that work for them!

My child has adhd. will this course help?

I have my certificate from JST Coaching in working with teens and college students who have ADHD. ADHD effects my life in many, ways- and I am very passionate advocate for students who have ADHD.

I would not endorse any course that I would not recommend to my own family members. This course covers many of the struggles students with ADHD have.

That being said, students with ADHD might need additional support. As such, I would encourage you to watch the videos as well or contact me directly for private coaching

why can't i access the course until June?

There are two reasons:

1) I prefer the cohort approach.

2) I am updating the course by adding additional tools and videos.

I like to get feedback from my students, and I have taken note of topics they would like to see added.

How do summer sessions differ from your school year coaching?

My summer sessions provide students with the tools they need to reboot the upcoming school year. It is a mixture of education and discussion with self-exploration through the workbook activities. The sessions are shorter in duration.

My 1/2 semester and full semester options really explore the coaching relationship. The sessions tend to be student led and explore their individual pain points involving school.

I do weekly grade tracking, research between sessions based on the student's needs, host office hours and much more. The student and I develop a confidential relationship to help them explore and establish life and academic goals.

In short, it is a far more intensive process than my summer sessions, and it is not uncommon for students to work with me for the duration of the year.  I have a wait-list forming for the fall, so please contact me for information.

why are you offering group sessions this summer?

The group sessions allow you to have flexibility over your summer vacation (you have access to the course with no expiration date, and the Zoom sessions are recorded and emailed to you). This also allows students to learn from one another and provide feedback in a community of students.

The group sessions allow flexibility with your schedule and a price reduction from my private coaching. However, it is more intensive than a stand alone course, because I will be communicating with student responses within the course and providing support outside the course via our four group meetings.

Are you offering private Sessions this summer?

Yes! I am offering a SMALL number of spaces for summer coaching. My clients know I keep my practice small (I started a wait-list at the end of the spring semester).
Private coaching is great for students who need more personalized assistance (transition year, entering first AP course, enrolled in summer school etc.) The private coaching package gives you access to everything in the group package, plus added bonuses (private parent call, access to office hours in the fall, and more).

Spaces are limited so please inquire as soon as possible!


About Me

I have my masters degree in counselor education, but I realized that my vision did not line up with reality of the school setting. 

I took my training in school counseling, extensive course work in gifted education, certification in the Anti-Boring Approach to Studying and certification in coaching teens and college students who have ADHD and built  a private academic coaching practice.

Everyday, I work privately and in groups, with students from across the United States (thank you technology). I help teens and college students identify goals and help them create the path to achieve them.

As a former struggling student, I remember the pain of feeling like I wasn't good enough for school. I could have benefited from working with someone who could take my creativity, determination and outside the box thinking and helped me develop strategies that would work for me!

Now, I get to help students celebrate what makes them unique. It's a journey of progress-not perfection, and watching students evolve into condifent learners makes it worth while!